Post Christmas, the boyfriend and I decided to go to Fashion Island in Newport to shop around a little and eat!  I lived in Socal all my life, but it was my first time at Fashion Island. I sometimes process things quite literally and thought Fashion Island would be a mall on an island afloat water - I was very wrong. Nonetheless, the "island" was beautiful (very OC) and had many things to see and places to eat. They also have free parking so yay!

We got hungry after exploring the Island and wanted to eat something Asian and ta-da there was a PF Chang! My boyfriend and I love all Asian foods regardless of how authentic it may be, but if you/your date is seeking more of the 20+ different types of dim sum with a plethora of noodle dishes then I would say try Capital Seafood Restaurant or Din Tai Fung.

The interior of the restaurant was a perfect mix of an American sit down and Asian art with a sprinkle of modern accents. The restaurant is not large and spacious, but it's very comfortable and inviting. I loved the soft warm lighting and the ambiance of the whole place.

P.F. Chang Fashion Island

 My view from where I was sitting. I was having fun looking at the art on the wall and my boyfriend thought I was bored staring off into space.

P.F. Chang's egg drop soup

We ordered P.F. Chang's for 2 which came with a choice of soup, an appetizer, 2 entrees, and dessert. We both got the egg drop soup. I don't have a picture of our appetizer, but we got the chicken lettuce wrap!

P.F. Chang's chicken lo-mein spicy chicken

Our entrees! The one on the left is the lo-mein with chicken and the right is Chang's spicy chicken.  The spicy chicken came with a pot of rice which you get in white or brown. We were so full but that didn't stop us from enjoying the dessert! Dessert was two mini dessert wontons which comes two flavors: vanilla and chocolate raspberry. & they were gone before I could take a picture of them.

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