February 9, 2016

Fun Valentine Day Date Ideas

There is no written rule or law that states that says we need to go to an expensive restaurant, eat chocolate covered strawberries, and drink wine on Valentine's Day.  Break out of this norm and take the day as an excuse to do something or go somewhere that the both of you have been wanting to, but for whatever reason haven't done so yet!

1. Do it yourself - Work on a home or arts and craft project that you both have been meaning to tackle! There are so many great inspirations and step by step instructions online.  Go take a trip to your local craft store together and let the project begin!

2. Amusement park - Gift each other tickets to an amusement park that the both of you have been wanting to visit.  If amusement parks are not your thing, there are also zoos, aquariums, various museums, and planetariums.

3. Take a little mini road trip - Fill up your gas tank and go somewhere the both of you have been wanting to visit, or somewhere you haven't been to together yet.  Remember to do a some research and planning before you go.  The day will go much smoother if you both know where to visit, what to do, and where to eat.

4. That restaurant - I'm sure many of us have that one restaurant that we have been meaning to go to, but haven't yet.  Doesn't matter if it's a little hole in the wall, 50 miles away, black tie only, or has a 2 hour wait!  No excuses. The day has come!

5. Show time! - There are concerts, comedies, musicals, magic shows, plays, and so many more the both of you can pick from.  Don't forget to read the reviews before you buy the tickets!

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