Valentine’s Day is almost here which means we need to really start thinking about gifts for our significant other! If they love you, it really shouldn’t matter what your gift is or if you decide to get them nothing all! The ultimate relationship test right? Just kidding, I don’t recommend that. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Think of it as just another day where you get to show your significant other how much you love or like and care about them with a lot more pink and red involved than usual. Instead of making a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, I decided to write a guide on how to go about in figuring out the best gift for your significant other.  

There are 2 easy ways to figure out what the best Valentine’s Day gift would be.

1.  Upgrade
A lot of us have a little something that's a little too old, worn, or torn that needs an upgrade. Do they have a pair of sneakers that have racked up way too many miles? Maybe even an old weathered tablet case.  It doesn't have to be something complicated and expensive either. It can be something simple as getting them a brand new jersey for their favorite team, a nice thermal insulated tumbler for their morning coffee, or a nice set of soft comfy pjs. 

We all know what our significant other likes.  If they have something they love, even better! Jot down a list of everything they like from brands, favorite colors, foods, and random things that they like. Then, try to link some of the things they like such as 'green' and 'Gap' and get them something green from Gap. Another example would be 'cooking' and 'technology' - there are so many cool high tech kitchen tools you can find with just a little research on the trusty Google. 

& Don't forget a cute little card!

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