Le boyfriend and I went on a double date to the Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro on Valentine's Day.  It was our first time going and was super excited because we were going to have a picnic, fly a kite, and was told there is a view of the ocean! 

Korean Bell of Friendship

Ta-da! The walkway to the bell! The bell is a lot larger compared to how it looks like in this picture.  The entire monument has so many intricate details and vivid colors worth checking out.

The boyfriend and I in the midst of enjoying our picnic while looking at the gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean.

Korean Bell of Friendship

Another look at our view~

Flying a kite was oddly relaxing and fun in a calming sort of way.  It was windy so there was no problem getting the kite up and floating in the sky.

There were lots of couples having a picnic that day and families hanging out. If you look closely, there are other kites up in the sky too!

Taking a commemorative selfie when we were photobombed by our boyfriends.

This is such a beautiful park and is definitely a great place to go with your s/o or family if you are looking for a nice day outside. There is a playground for kids and a basketball court as well.  There is no fee and parking is free, but the lot can get full which is what happened to us.  We ended up parking by the street and taking a short walk to the park, no biggie.  

I want to note that the park closes around when the sun sets and don't forget to take a jacket because it does get windy up there and can get a little chilly~

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