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Hey everyone, I hope all has been well! :) Spring time is such a beautiful season and there are certain things that is best done during this time of year.  It's the perfect time to go out and enjoy the outdoors without the blistering summer heat.  I have compiled a list of date ideas inspired by the upcoming warmer season! I hope you enjoy <3

Start a garden

This is the perfect time to do some research on gardening and start a garden together.  Go to your local nursery and pick out your favorite plants and don't forget to pick up some soil and a watering can!  If you don't have an area to start a garden outside, do not worry! You can always plant indoors too.

Tea time

Kick off your wardrobe of spring outfits and head over for some tea, sandwiches, and scones in a tea time appropriate dress! Reminisce about this past winter and talk about all the fun things to do for spring.

Enjoy the newly bloomed flowers at a botanical garden

Officially say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring and head over to a botanical garden. Go see the magnificent magnolias and lovely cherry blossoms in bloom! All botanical gardens/arboretums have different selection of plants so make sure to double check their exhibits online before going.

Go alfresco!

It's finally warm enough to enjoy nice a meal outside.  Go on a picnic and enjoy a yummy lunch whilst enjoying the newly sprouted greens and colorful flowers.  If picnicking is not an option, there are outdoor/patio seating outside of many restaurants. Try to pick a restaurant that has an outdoor seating area with a view or upgrade to a restaurant on a rooftop.

& last but not least, spring cleaning

If where you are is still not warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, bring out the dusters, wipes, and large plastic bags! Go through your pantry and throw away things that are waaaaay past their expiration date. Dust every corner of the house and vacuum every inch of the floor.  It's also time to go through the closet to organize and decide what will stay in your closet and what should be donated.  Don't forget to clean the car as well!

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