Going to Disneyland / Disney's California Adventure are classic dates for anyone living close enough to the theme parks. Going on a date to Disneyland is exciting, but at the same time can induce a little bit of anxiety.  There are different types of expectations and anticipations when going to a theme park with a significant other compared to family or friends.  Below are a list of ideas for attractions, shows, and foods to check out when you're on a date at California Adventure. Don't forget to comment below if you have any other date suggestions!

Rides to go on with your significant other

Date at Disney's California Adventure The Hollywood Tower of Terror

A quick note: There are other rides in the park, but I narrowed them down to the ones you should consider checking out when you're going with an s/o.

Mator  Junkyard (Cars Land) - This ride may not look like much, but once the music starts and the tractor starts spinning, it's actually a lot more fun than it looks. It will help you two get a little closer with zero effort on your part ;) Just make sure to not bump into each other too hard when the tractor spins.

Radiator Springs Racers (Cars Land) -  This ride ride will make you go 'ooh' and 'ah' every second.  It's such a perfect mix of Disney's incredible ability to bring imagination to life with just the right amount of thrill. The wait for this ride is always long so make sure to get fast passes as soon as you get to the park!

Soarin' Over California (Grizzly Peak) - This ride stimulates being in a helicopter as you soar over the popular landmarks of California. Put on your seat belts and hold on (to each other) tight!

Hollywood Tower of Terror (Hollywood Land) - There is a lot more to the ride than just thrill of going up and falling. This is Disney so the entire ride, from the backstory to all the details inside and out are all amazingly done. You may be a scared going on this ride, but you will probably be in awe too.

Ariel's undersea Adventure (Paradise Pier) -  The line for this ride is always pretty short, but if it's long, the line goes by fairly quickly. You will get to sit in one of the colored shells as it takes you Under the Sea through the story of The Little Mermaid.

California Screamin' (Paradise Pier) - This is a good ride to go on if you two are looking for a faster, more adrenaline pumping ride. If you are able to keep your eyes open, you will get a nice view of the park, especially at night.

Toy Story Midway Mania (Paradise Pier) - A ride that allows for some fun friendly competition between you and your s/o.  You will be going through a series of Toy Story inspired arcade games while trying to collect the most points all in 3D.

Places to eat
Foods that will make you, your date, and your wallet smile too

Date at Disney's California Adventure DCA Corn Dog Castle

Smokejumper's Grill - (Grizzly Peak) The best bang for your buck and pretty good food considering it's theme park food.  The best part about this restaurant is you can pile your entree with as many toppings and sauces your heart desires at their condiments bar.

Ghirardelli Square - (Pacific Wharf) The best place to go if you are craving something decadent.  The fudge they put in the sundae is sooooooooo good!

Corn Dog Castle - (Paradise Pier) If you haven't tried a corndog from Disneyland, then this place is a must.  It will break the sad and limp yellow corndog stereotype.  Each corndog comes with a bag of chips or a small bag of apples.

➼ Upgrade: If you are feeling a little fancy head over to Carthay Circle towards the entrance on Buena Vista Street.  I would say it's the DCA equivalent to the Blue Bayou in Disneyland.  Click here to see their menus and make reservations.

Things to see
Shows to watch together

Disney's California Adventure Hollywood Land Frozen

Frozen the Musical - (Hollywood Land) Sadly, the Aladdin musical will be replaced with a Frozen one this summer.  I can't speak for the Frozen musical, but Aladdin was so much fun to watch.  The theater is beautiful, the props, and all the actors were amazing.  I am sure the Frozen will be as great, so check it out when it opens.  It's a great way to take a break from all the standing and walking.

World of Color - (Paradise Pier) The first thing to do when you enter DCA besides getting a fastpass for Radiator Springs is getting one for World of Color right after!!!!!! The show is a perfect way to end the night.  Water, lights, laser, fire, bubbles, and pure magical amazing-ness. This is something you cannot see anywhere else but here.

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