I have't been to a baseball game in a super long time so le boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go see the Dodgers!  I am not a huge sports fan in general, but I love the excitement and energy of sports arenas. The passionate fans, the cheering, the anticipation all create this amazing vibe that you can't get anywhere else.

Dodger e-ticket
Our e-ticket! We decided to take a hard copy of our tickets just in case, but you don't need to. The machines are able to scan tickets from your phone.

According to le boyfriend, the best sites to purchase tickets would be SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, Stubhub, and Ticketmaster (in this order for the best deals). Always shop around before making the final purchase!


We paid $20 for general admissions parking at the gate, but if you buy it online it's $10!  Also, there's offsite parking for $5 and preferred parking for $35 online or $50 at the gate. Click here to purchase parking online and click here to see the map of all the parking spots!

Dodger parking gate E
Entering the parking lot at gate E. There was traffic long before even getting to this point so don't forget to factor in traffic before leaving for the game.

Dodger stadium parking gate E
Lots of cars getting into the parking lot! As you move up the line, there are alternating "pay at the toll" and "prepaid" lines so double check to make sure you are in the correct lane. 

The Dodger Stadium & our seats

Going up the ramp to the stadium. I don't think we needed to go up the ramp because we ended up having to go down two flights of stairs, but we did hehehe

LA Dodgers Parking
A picture of this beautiful view of Los Angeles going up the ramp!

Dodgers stadium entrance
Finally entering the stadium! When you go through those doors, you have to put your belongings in a little grey dish and walk through the metal detectors. 

Dodger stadium seats section 134
Section 134LG.  Walking down to our seats!

Dodger Stadium seats section 134
The view from my seat - Section 134LG, Row E, Seat 7. Le boyfriend would describe our seats as "close enough to the field where he was able to make out the faces of each player and see the game without having to look at the jumbotrons."

Dodgers Stadium free gift
We got a gift of a mini replica of the Dodger stadium. There is a different gift during the games so check their promotional calendar before you go.

The food

Guests are allowed to bring outside food into the stadium as long as they're in containers deemed ok. I know people that take foods such as Subway sandwiches and closed water bottles into the stadium and they never had a problem. Check out their thorough list of prohibited items and outside food policy under the "Prohibited Items Not Allowed Inside Dodger Stadium" and "Food Brought Into the Dodger Stadium."

Dodger stadium concession food prices
In line to get me some dodger dogs and nachos. Two dodger dogs and nachos cost us just under $20. Their famous garlic fries were sold at another concession and costs around $8.

Dodger Stadium garlic fries
My favorite food at any stadium is nachos! These were standard stadium nachos that came with a side of cheese and jalapeños. Pricey, but I would get it again (because I love nachos!).

Dodger Stadium garlic fries
Finally trying the garlic fries. I thought the fries would be more of the toasted garlic type, but the garlic was raw. They were good but we couldn't handle the spiciness of the garlic and couldn't finish it.

Post game

Night time view of Los Angeles LA
The beautiful nighttime view of Los Angles on our way back to our car.

We decided to leave at the start of the 9th inning to avoid the traffic and because it was clear which team was going to win. Getting to our car was no problem, but actually leaving the premise was a different story.  Be mentally prepared to be sitting in traffic surrounded by cars trying to merge into nonexistent lanes. Some drivers were very aggressive and wouldn't let others through. Yet again, it's LA so I should have mentally prepared for some intense driving hahaha

The next time we go, we plan on staying the entire game and then some to avoid the traffic. Hopefully it works out better~ Let us know any of your tips or suggestions when leaving a stadium!


  1. Love your posts! So many great date ideas!

    1. Thank you! Happy to hear you love them :)


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