The museum has been going through an extensive renovation and it's a must visit if you haven't visited in a long time. This museum is huuuuge (3 floors)! If you love dinosaurs, learning about new things, and history, you can easily spend your entire day here. Definitely wear some comfy shoes when you are visiting!

Getting there

The Natural Museum of History LA NHM
One of the main entrance to the museum.

Yay for student discounts! General admission is $12/adult, but it is $9 if you are a student.

You can buy tickets at the museum entrance on the day of and on their website. Oooooor, you can buy it when you happen to be at the La Brea Tar Pits and decide to purchase the combo tickets which gives you access to both museums. If you do, you save 15% a person which adds up if you are purchasing multiple tickets. If you buy the combo tickets, they print out tickets to both museums which you keep for later use (must use within 2 weeks of purchase).

If you are taking the metro, remember to keep the tap card to get $1.25 off admission.

Museum parking is available for $12 on the corner of Bill Robinson Ln. and Exposition Blvd (cash or card). If that lot is full, there is parking all throughout Exposition Park such as the lot for the CA Science Center ($12, cash only), or any of the patrolled lots across Bill Robinson Ln. ($12, cash only).

The museum & exhibits

Dinosaurs at the natural history museum
Dinosaurs at NHM!

The museum has so many different types of exhibits and each is quite large. They have every mammal hall you can think of (I even saw reindeers!), as well as gorgeous gems, and dinosaurs! Each exhibit has a great flow of presenting all the history and detail in a fun and easy way to understand all the in depth science and history.

When you go, check out the Becoming Los Angeles exhibit! The exhibit tells a rich story of how the city of Los Angeles has evolved these past 500 years to present time today. It was easily one of our favorite exhibits and spent a lot of time here than anticipated. It was so interesting to read about the history and the people that shaped what Los Angeles is today. If you get a little confused with the flow of the exhibit (because it's quite large), look up and you will see waves of white metal lines that guide you through the entire exhibit (I thought this was quite cool!).

The Nature Garden

The Natural History Museum of LA Nature Garden
Walking by the living wall at the Nature Garden.

The Natural History Museum of LA
The Otis Booth Pavilion entrance to the museum - Heading back in after visiting the Nature Garden.

We ate lunch at the NHM Grill which was right next to the Nature Garden. From where we were sitting, the garden lookedk so beautiful and could tell there was many things to see! The garden had a Butterfly and Spider Pavilion, the Living Wall, the Listening Tree and more. Keep your eyes open for wildlife!

The Food

Natural Museum of History LA NHM grill
The Grilled Chicken Sandwich from The Grill, served with a side of seasoned fries and ranch.

The Grill is the only restaurant inside the museum. They have several burgers, sandwiches, and salads you can choose from as well as a selection of already made salad and sandwiches. The Grill is located on the G floor and you have the option to eat inside or outside by the Nature Garden. The prices and quality are fairly good considering it's museum food. You can check out their menu and prices here.

You can also bring your own food and picnic on the grass in front of the museum or on the benches between the Rose Garden and the CA Science Center.


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