Pirates Dinner Adventure is one of those places that you heard of and maybe passed by a couple of times, but most likely never been to. That was me too, until I kept on seeing a deal on Groupon and I knew it was time for me to visit.

Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park
The front of Pirates Dinner Adventure!

I did my research like I always do to see if there is anything I should know beforehand and to get an idea of what to expect. The reviews were split so I really had no idea what the whole experience was going to be like. Nonetheless, I was still excited and went with an open mind, ready for whatever was going to happen!

Getting there

You can purchase tickets on their website, or from Groupon. The prices vary depending on the day of the week and type of ticket (adult or child).

We ended up purchasing our tickets from Groupon because the final cost of each ticket would be around $20 less than purchasing it from their website. I was a little worried we would be placed in seats with obstructed views because we got discounted tickets. However, it was well worth the risk because we ended up getting good seats and saved $$! I don't know if making reservations early and  checking in earlier helps secure better seats. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but it doesn't hurt to do so.

➼ There's a cap on the number of Groupon tickets per show/day so make sure you make reservations early if you plan on going on a specific date. I purchased my tickets on Thursday planning to go that Saturday, but they had already reached their Groupon limit. 

Yay for free parking! They also have valet for $7.

As soon as we arrived, we had a feeling parking was not going to be quick and easy. We didn't want to go through a potential parking fiasco and paid $7 for valet. Parking for the 5pm show is probably much easier because the lot will be empty unlike the 8pm one where there are cars for both showings. If you plan on going to the second showing, I highly recommend getting there early enough to avoid having to park while guest from the first showing are trying to leave.

The Line
The line was long and it wrapped around the building as you can see in the picture below, but it moved by quick. After checking in, you have the option to take a picture which you can buy later or go straight in to the building.

Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park
The line to check in wraps around the building!

Pirates Dinner Adventure Groupon
This is the ticket we received after we checked in. Just for reference, we arrived around 6 and checked in a little past 6:15 for the 8pm showing.

Before the show

Once we got in, we saw and felt how packed the whole place was! There are people everywhere and it took patience, a couple of excuse me's, and light bumps to go from one point to another. Remember to be open minded, stay cool, and go with the flow.

Once inside, you'll see pirates walking around with a large silver platter of complimentary appetizers. On the day we went, they had: fried mini tacos, bbq sausage on bread, jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, and veggies with ranch dip.

Drinks (alcohol)
The drinks are on the pricier side because they all come in a souvenir cup. We got a beer and it was $13-$14. I guess the upside to these cups are you can get a refill for a cheaper price and you get to take the cup home. Just don't forget it to take it with you after the show!

The pre-show
The pre-show starts 30 minutes before showtime and sets the story for the rest of the show. As soon as the pre-show is over, the pirate that represents it's colored section comes out and leads the way into the pirate ship!

The show & Dinner

Our Seats
We sat in the red section in row 14. We had a great view of the entire show, the only downside was that our seats were towards the back where it was pretty dark and couldn't see our food. We all used the flashlight on our phone to see our food before we started eating. Another quick thing to note is that all the seats are close to each other, so you may need to tuck in your elbows when you're eating if you don't want to nudge the person next to you.

inside pirates dinner adventure show seats
The view from our seat.

The show

I think the plot is easier to follow along if you watch the pre-show and pay attention to what's going on in the beginning. Once they started the dinner service, it was a little harder to follow along because we were busy eating (hahaha). However after dinner, we were able to re-focus and understand what's going on.

The story is a little cheesy, but the show overall was still entertaining especially when you cheer for your pirate. Don't forget to cheer and boo because that whole crowd interaction makes the whole experience more fun.

The main reason to come here would be to enjoy the show and take in the overall experience, not to indulge in the chicken and veggies. The food is not bad, but it's not amazing. It's okay considering they serve complimentary appetizers before the show and a beverage with a 3 course meal.

After our section was seated, our waiter came by and asked us if any of us was vegetarian or vegan. Dinner service started with a choice of beverage (water, sierra mist, or pepsi), followed by a starter (salad or soup), entree, and dessert.

Pirates dinner adventure menu
Starter - House salad with ranch dressing.

Pirates Dinner Adventure food
Entree - Roasted quarter chicken (thigh and leg), mash potatoes, shrimp and vegetable skewer, and roasted veggies. I was nicely surprised when the waiter went around and asked each person if they wanted extra chicken during the meal.

Pirates dinner adventure menu dessert
Dessert - Brownie a la mode with vanilla ice cream.

Post show

After the show is over and the cast takes their final bow, remember to grab your souvenir cup if you bought a drink and to leave a tip. At the end of the dinner service, the server hands each party a card with a suggested tip of $5/person. They don't collect these until the show is over after the guests leave. Make sure to take enough cash for tip because I don't think you can tip with a card.

On the way out, guests have an opportunity to take pictures with some of the casts after the show on the way out. On the day we went, we had the chance to take a picture with Princess Anita and the purple pirate!

Please leave any questions, comments, or tips you have for visiting Pirates at Buena Park! Thanks for reading!! :)

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