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Man or woman, dating costs money. As soon as we know it, we have spent $50 on dinner and another $15 on coffee, tickets, etc. Just like how spending a $20 here and another $10 there adds up, savings add up to too. Below are 7 tips to saving money on dates so you have a little extra play money for other things in life~

1. Happy Hour
Meet up for dinner a little early and go for happy hour. Many restaurants have happy hour which gives us a good reason to order a drink, some food, and spend time together unwinding on a date after work or school.

2. Check movie ticket prices
Movie tickets vary depending on the theater, area, and the time of day. If you're not able do an early movie date for matinee prices, check out theaters in the surrounding areas because they may have lower ticket prices. Also check Groupon and Costco for discounted tickets to the movies which leads to our next tip.

3. Costco gift cards
Costco has giftcards to many restaurants and places at a discounted price. You can get $100 dollars to a restaurant for $80 or sometimes even $75! They have discounted tickets not just to the movies, but amusement parks and baseball games too! Check their website or your nearest Costco location to see their selection of discounted gift cards.

4. Take water, always.
Having to buy water is such a huge waste of money whether it be on a typical date or elsewhere like at an amusement park. Take water and easily avoid having to purchase water at a premium price. Typically, amusement parks, stadiums, and other places allow guests to bring in non glass bottled water as long as it has not been opened.

5. Conduct some research
I can't stress this enough! Make sure to find out information regarding admission prices, cost of parking, and review the restaurant menu before heading out! There are times when prices tend to be a lot more than what we have anticipated them to be. Also, see if the place you intend on going has special pricing on certain times/days and see how much the parking price/rate is. Some places give discounts when you purchase tickets or parking passes online so remember to double check.

6. Seize nature!
L.A. and O.C. have many beautiful beaches and hiking trails so use it to your advantage on dates!  A beach date doesn't always mean laying on the sand and getting a tan. There are so many other things to do such as having a picnic, renting a bike, walking through the pier, admiring all the beautiful ocean front homes, exploring caves, and tide pools.

7. Free admission!
There are many places that have free admission days or are just free everyday! Why pay for admission when you don't have to right?? Popular places that have free admission everyday or have free days are: Lacma, Huntington Library, The Getty Center / The Getty Villa, The Broad, The Griffith Observatory, CA Science Center, and the LA County Arboretum.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any hacks to saving money on dates or any other cheap date ideas!

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