August 24, 2016

Visiting the Getty Villa in Malibu for anyone living in the OC is pretty much an all day excursion. Takes an hour and a half of driving just to get there and at least another hour to get back. Hence, whenever le boyfriend and I visit the area, we seize the opportunity and see/do as much as we can before we head back home. This date idea will take up a good portion of your day so make sure to go with is someone you really like ;)

Getting here

date ideas in los angeles
Museum entrance to the Villa! It is straight up ahead where you can take the stairs up or head over to the elevators. They conduct bag checks located to the left of the information table.

Getting Here
Stay on the outer lane when you are going northbound on the PCH. The most inner lane tends to back up due to people trying to make a left to park at the beach. Continue driving and you will see signs that will direct you to the Getty Villa and the entrance will be to your right.

getty villa tickets admission
Our Printed out tickets to the Getty Villa. 

Admission is free, but you still need tickets! Reserve tickets for the day and the approximate time you will arrive. Print your tickets or make sure you have them downloaded to your phone.

When you enter, have your tickets ready! There will be a person in the front to make sure each party entering has valid tickets. After they are done, drive up to the arches where there will be a person that scans your tickets. They don't give these back, but you won't be needing them anymore to enter.

Parking is paid at the entrance at the same time when they scan your tickets under the arches. Parking is $15 and $10 if you enter after 3PM. They take both cash and card.

The Getty Villa

Getty villa malibu
The back entrance to the outer peristyle garden. 

The Getty Villa is soooooo breathtaking. I am still swooning as I look at these pictures! The Villa was inspired by the Roman Country Houses and you won't be able to find any place like this in the OC x LA area. All the details put into the Villa is stunning. Everything from the walls to the ceilings and floors are beautifully done. You will want to take a picture every time you turn your head.

date ideas in la
The stunning peristyle garden!! There is no water in the pool, but the garden is still beautiful.

getty villa los angeles
Trying to capture all the details I can in one photo of the outer walkway in the garden.

getty villa
The ceiling of the main entrance to the museum.

getty villa ceiling
Another beautiful ceiling at the Villa.

getty villa
One of the hallways on the second floor.

getty villa
Inside the atrium of the Getty Villa. 

Places to eat

getty villa food
The cafe! The coffee cart is located to the right of the entrance.

The Getty Villa Cafe is located next to the outdoor theater where they have choices of Mediterranean inspired dishes. They also have a coffee kiosk by the Cafe which sells beverages and grab and go foods.

If you are and your date want to eat elsewhere, head over to 3rd Street Promenade or Santa Monica Pier! They're one of those classic cliche places you need to stop by if you are in the area. There are many restaurants located on 3rd Street Promenade & Santa Monica Pier. The pier also has a mini food court called Pacific Park that with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Pacific Wheel Pizza Company, Beach burger, Taco Bell, and a couple places selling sweet treats.

Some quick tips!

santa monica
The bridge to cross from the Santa Monica Beach to 3rd Street Promenade.

Below are some quick tips for a smooth and maybe even a near perfect date to the Getty Villa and Santa Monica if you decide to stop by.

date ideas in los angeles
Cross section of 3rd Street Promenade.
  • Wear shoes that you can walk and stand in for long periods of time.
  • If you are visiting from the OC area, mentally prepare for the traffic. It doesn't matter if you are going on a weekday or a weekend, there will be some sort of traffic.
  • Finding parking in Santa Monica may take a lot more time and energy compared to the OC so remember to keep cool if you are the one driving :)
  • Take an extra layer especially if you are going in the cooler months! The Getty Villa is located right by the beach and can get a bit chilly.
  • Take snacks to munch in the car because you will get hungry from the long drive and walking/standing while viewing all the exhibits. 
  • If you plan on visiting Santa Monica Beach/3rd Street Promenade and are unfamiliar with the area, take a look at this map of all the available parking lots/structures and the parking rates. I recommend parking in lots S1-S8 if you plan on parking by the Promenade or 1N-3N & 1S-3S if you are planning to park by the beach.  
  • Take cash if you plan on parking in one of the beach lots. I don't know about all lots, but I parked in lot 1N and they only accepted cash!
  • 3rd Street Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier are within walking distances of each other so if you parked on one side, visit the other!

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