Dining at the Blue Bayou is truly a one of a kind experience! You really feel as if you have been transported to Louisiana and are dining under the New Orleans night sky. I wish I could dine here all the time, but it's only possible if we are inside Disneyland. Soooo, seize the opportunity if you are going to Disneyland anytime in the future!

Getting there

disneyland blue bayou new orleans
Entrance to the Blue Bayou.

First and foremost, make reservations. I can't emphasis this enough because it's probably nearly impossible to get a table on the day of without one.

➼ The Blue Bayou also has a Paint the Night dining package and you can make a reservation here (It's a different link from the regular reservations). It is a fixed 3-course meal where they give you a fast pass for the parade after.

To get to the Blue Bayou, head towards New Orleans Square. It is the purple shaded area located on the left side of the Disneyland map. Walk past the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and continue walking until you see the New Orleans like buildings. The restaurant will be to your left.

To the right of the entrance, there is a window where you will check in with the hostess. Let them know if you would like to sit by the water. Once everything has been confirmed, they will hand you a buzzer that will ring once your table is ready. There's usually is a small wait after you check in and the wait tends to be longer if you want a table next to the water. Just for reference, we waited about 30 minutes after checking in to sit at a table by the water.

Inside the Blue Bayou

disneyland blue bayou
The waiting area of the restaurant.

inside disneyland blue bayou
The view when you walk inside!

inside disneyland blue bayou
The beautiful view from our table.

When your buzzer rings, a host from the inside the restaurant comes out to greet you to take you to your table. You kind of forget you are at a restaurant in Disneyland when you step inside.

The food

Blue Bayou menu picture paint the night package
The inside of the restaurant is on the darker side so they have menus that light up.

disneyland blue bayou food
Our drinks: sprite on the left and lemonade on the right.

disneyland blue bayou menu
Sourdough rolls and sweet potato biscuits with butter.

disneyland blue bayou gumbo
New Orleans gumbo with Louisiana rice.

disneyland blue bayou menu
Herb-crusted rack of lamb - with caramelized onion and goat cheese mashed potatoes, feta cheese, and rosemary jús.

disneyland blue bayou menu
Slow-roasted beef strip loin - with crispy shoestring onions, au gratin potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and green peppercorn armagnac sauce.

blue bayou dessert menu creme brulee
Meyer lemon crème brûlée tart. Without a doubt, I would get this again. Not too egg-y or lemon-y.

disneyland blue bayou dessert menu 8-Layer chocolate hazelnut cake
8-Layer chocolate hazelnut cake. Very decadent! I wish I had more room in my stomach for more.

disneyland blue bayou
We asked for tea and they brought out a pot of hot water along with an assortment of teas. The tea they serve here was so good~

disneyland blue bayou
Finally some coffee to keep us energized through the rest of the night.

We both really enjoyed the herb crusted lamb, but le boyfriend who is a major carnivore was not so impressed with his strip loin. I thought it was good, but I guess it's different for people that really love their meats. However, he did love the surf and turf the last time we were here. I think the food was good and the service was of course excellent! We were full and happy after our dinner which is always a great feeling when leaving a restaurant.

Our total cost

Our check.

We opted for the Paint The Night dinner package so dinner was a fixed price of $62 per person. The package consists of beverages (fountain drinks, tea, coffee), a starter, entree, and dessert. If you have an annual pass, they give you a discount so let them know. If you forget to tell them before the check arrives, let your waiter know and they will adjust the total.

Paint The Night reserved seating & final thoughts

The fast passes our waiter give us after dinner.

blue bayou paint the night package reserved seating area
The reserved seating area for those who purchased the dinner package.

disneyland paint the night parade
My view of the parade.

paint the night parade disneyland
All the floats were super up close!

disneyland forever fireworks
Our view of the fireworks.

The reserved viewing area for guests who selected the Paint the Night dining package at the Blue Bayou is located towards the front of the park on Main Street facing the railroad station. 

The dining package is great because you don't need to spend extra time looking and stressing for a spot to see the parade. You get a great view of the parade up close all while sitting down. However, I don't think you get the best view of the fireworks in that spot. You can try to maneuver your way to the center of Main Street, but it gets difficult to do sometimes because the whole area is so packed.

In my opinion, you can still get a great view of the parade and fireworks without the fast passes from the dining package. From my experience and according to what the cast member of the park have told me in the past, it's typically less crowded and easier to find a spot for the 2nd viewing of the parade. What I recommend is to skip the first viewing. Do some souvenir shopping inside the stores, maybe get some ice cream, and as soon as it is over, head out and find a spot on the center of Main Street (where the tracks are) for the fireworks. As long as you get a good view of the castle, you should get a good view of the fireworks. & as soon as the fireworks are over, head back up to the sidewalk to find a spot for the parade!

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