Here is a list of the most hipster places in Orange County to consider for your next date! Good food and good vibes can go a long way.

date ideas in orange county
Entrance to Union Market.

fun date ideas orange county Union Market Orange County
Inside Union Market!

Union Market is located in The District of Tustin Legacy. The market overall is not large in size, but they still have a good mix of restaurants to choose from and shops to check out. The market is located in The District which has a movie theater and a bowling alley which is great if you are looking for another date activity after visiting Union Market.

➼ If Union Market in Tustin is a little too far away from you, they have another location in Mission Viejo!

date places in orange county
One of the areas you can sit outside.

the lab anti mall
Another one of the areas!

The Lab also known as "The Anti-Mall," is a small hipster plaza packed with lots of bohemian details throughout the entire place! They have several shops and restaurants as well as a couple of fun areas to sit and chat.

date ideas in orange county ca
At The Camp! 

the camp costa mesa
They sell so many fun little things at this store.

The Camp is located right across the street from The Lab and you could easily visit both. This is more of a food place than a shop and hang place. Almost all the shops here are restaurants with a diverse selection of places with everything from a bakery, cold pressed juices, to tacos and Italian food. They only have a few shops here, but they are a good size with many things to see inside.

date ideas in orange county ca
Inside the Packing House!

things to do in oc
One of the many places to sit outside.

Anaheim Packing House is the definition of millennial hipster foods all under one roof. They have casual eateries where you order by the counter and pick up your food as well as a couple of sit down restaurants. Enjoy yummy foods surrounded by perfect hipster furnishings.

date ideas in orange county ca
A look inside of the lined up eateries.

4th street market Santa Ana
Extra seating at the outdoor patio along with games to play.

They are located in Downtown Santa Ana and is filled with plenty of eateries. I would say the overall ambiance of the place is very casual in a sense that the furnishings are not as refined and the facade of all the eateries are the same with no unique characteristics that sets it apart from others. The layout inside is very easy to navigate than some of the other places. All the restaurants inside are located in the center with seating areas all around the perimeters. There is also an outdoor patio in the back with giant sized Jenga, Connect Four, and ping pong tables.

date ideas in orange county ca
At the OC Mix.

SoCo oc mix
A look inside the main sitting area. 

the oc mix costa mesa oc
One of the stores inside!

The layout of the place is a lot brighter and more open inside compared to the other places. They have a selection of great restaurants and an even greater collection of eclectic stores to check out. They have a cheese shop, clothing boutiques, home decor stores, and lots more. They even have a small farmers market on Saturdays!

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