October is such an exciting month because it's the start of all the upcoming holiday seasons and cooler weather! Of course, we can't forget about all the yummy holiday foods ahead of us, starting with Halloween candy. Below are our top Halloween date ideas for you and your boo~

Go to a Pumpkin Patch
Spend an afternoon picking the perfect pumpkins, petting animals, and eating yummy foods, with lots of photo opportunities to commemorate the day! Put on your favorite fall outfit and you are ready to go.

Corn Maze
This is just one of those activities every couple should do at least once together. Some pumpkin patches have a corn maze as well so make sure to check it out if they have one. If not, take a mini road trip to a corn maze in surrounding areas.

Guilermo del Toro
If you live in or near Los Angles, you're in Luck! The famous Guildermo del toro, known for creating scary movies and novels has a special exhibit called, At Home with Monsters at LACMA. Take a closer look at his creative process and objects that have inspired him throughout his life.

Haunted Hayride
Get into the Halloween spirit at the famous Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles. Sit in a wagon full of hay as it takes you through a haunted ride! You can buy tickets just for the ride or get an upgrade to check out all the other attractions.

Scary Movies
Enjoy a rush of adrenaline from watching the latest scary movie! However, if scary movies are not your thing, there are lots of other non scary fun Halloween like movies to choose from such as: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, and Coraline. 

halloween date ideas

Visit The Pumpkin Rock
Enjoy hiking and Halloween all in one and hike to the Pumpkin Rock in Norco! Reward yourselves with an assortment of candies from your favorite candy shop. You deserve it! [See also: Hiking To The Pumpkin Rock]

Carve Pumpkins Together
Carve a traditional Jack O' Lantern or do some research on pinterest for some trendy pumpkin inspirations. Treat yourselves to a nice cup of hot chocolate or dare I say some pumpkin spice latte for a job well done.

Halloween Themed Amusement Park
Go to a Halloween themed amusement park! There are 3 in the LA x OC area that are very popular every year: Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland, Knotts Scary Farm, and Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Night. 

Get Your Costumes Ready
Dedicate a day to figuring out your matching halloween costumes. The earlier the better because doing research and finding the right pieces for both your costumes takes time and perseverance.

Murder Mystery
This is the perfect time to try a murder mystery dinner that you've always heard about and constantly see on Groupon. Enjoy dinner while seeing a murder plot unravel right before your eyes!

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