It's still September, but Halloween is in full swing! Le boyfriend and I decided to start celebrating the holiday season early and hiked to the Pumpkin Rock this past weekend. We had no idea what to expect or what the trail was going to be like. We went with curious hearts and a quest for adventure! Despite the initial lack of information regarding the trail, we had a really great time finding our way to the Pumpkin Rock.

GETTING HERE // The hiking trail to the Pumpkin Rock is located in the city of Norco, also known as "HorseTown USA." You will notice the very old town/western looking neighborhood as you exit the freeway and drive up to the trail. As you get closer, you will enter a residential area that looks more suburban (and not so western like anymore) flanked with horse trails. Look around the mountain and look for an orange dot. There is your hiking goal for the day!

PARKING // Yay for free parking! There is no formal parking lot or a designated area to park when you get here. We parked on the streets by one of the houses on Vandermolen Dr. next to other cars for safety measures. Le Boyfriend and I do not know this area and didn't want to risk getting a ticket hahaha We also made sure the car was not next to any fire hydrants and not in a "no parking" zone. 

If you want park closer to the entrance shown below, I recommend you park on Crestview Drive. If you are coming from Vandermolen Dr., turn right when you see Crestview. If you are coming from Crestview, continue driving until you are near Trakehner Pl.

THE TRAIL // The picture above is the entrance we used to start our hike located on Crestview Drive. You will see multiple paths, all of which I am assuming goes to the Pumpkin Rock. I'm pretty sure there are multiple entrances and trails that lead to the top, but I wasn't able to explore long enough to find all of them! If you are familiar with the trails and entrances, leave a comment below and share with us~

Since it was our first time, we only went on the widest, most clearly marked paths. I would say there were some steep inclines and lots of loose gravel. The trail we took wasn't long, but all the inclines  still made it a good workout.

NOTES & TIPS // Things to know and keep in mind when you venture out to the Pumpkin Rock!
  • Wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty! - The trail is very dusty. Your shoes and even legs will most likely be covered in dust when you're done.
  • Don't forget your water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat. - There is no shade on this trail so don't forget about hydration and necessary sun protectants.
  • The trail has lots of loose dirt and gravel. - Make sure your shoes have traction and be extra careful especially when you are going up/down the hill. 
  • There is horse p o o everywhere! - It's everywhere! Even the hiking trails.
  • Remember your view of of the Pumpkin Rock before hiking. - Was it the front of the pumpkin, the left, or the back? That way if you decide to take a to a different path down, you can use your memory as a guide to the general direction of your car.

THE PUMPKIN ROCK // The pumpkin rock was a lot bigger than we expected it to be!! It's actually very orange in person too. When you are able to pry your eyes away from the friendly looking pumpkin, don't forget to take a look the amazing view around you!

POST HIKE FOOD // Good food is necessary after a good hike. Below are some popular restaurants around the area after your visit to the Pumpkin Rock!

Asahi, All you can eat sushi
420 McKinley St, Corona, CA 92879

GenAll you can eat Korean bbq
390 N. Mckinley St. Ste 114 & 115, Corona, CA 92879

Frostbites, Frozen desserts
10347 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92505


  1. Thanks for the guide, very helpful. If anyone else wants to give the hike a try from the equestrian center, check out my blog post with directions here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/hiking-la/hike-pumpkin-rock-trail/

    1. Thanks for sharing! Your guide was very helpful as well~ Can't wait to go back and try hiking from the equestrian center :)


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