I would consider Le Boyfriend and I to be a pretty "active" couple, but not athletic. We enjoy taking long walks and exploring every corner of where ever we may be. However, neither of us go to the gym regularly or have a workout regime we are committed to. We went to Peters Canyon hiking trails for the first time to get our heart rates up and exercise together rather than do a typical food, dessert, and a movie date. We really liked how we were able to customize the length and difficulty of our hike. We will definitely be back to tackle some of the more difficult trails in the future!

Peters canyon hiking trail

PARKING // There are two areas where you can park: the north and the south entrance. The actual main parking lot is located at the north entrance for $3. However, if you would like to skip the $3 fee, you can park (for free~) on the streets at the southern end of the trail. Remember to check for any parking signs!

Peters canyon hiking trail map

Peters canyon hiking trail

QUICK TIPS FOR FIRST TIMERS // These are tips and things that helped us with our first hike at Peters Canyon.
  • Save a copy of this map to your phone or stop by the ranger station (located towards the back of the main entrance) for a paper copy of the trails before starting your hike. The paper copy of the map was super helpful when on our hike.
  • There are essentially a bunch of smaller trails that create a larger trail which you can easily customize.
  • There are 2 main trails, Lake View Loop (2.5 miles) & East Ridge Loop (5.7 miles). 
  • Signs for the two main trails are posted horizontally and the names of each trail are posted vertically on the post.

peters canyon hike tustin

THE TRAILS // Each trail is clearly marked and is quite wide. However, there are other small trails that are short cuts or dead ends which can totally disorient your sense of direction and make you feel lost.  Especially if it's your first time like us! Refer back to your map and look for the nearest trail post or ask a fellow hiker if you ever feel lost or confused. 

 There are signs letting you know if there are poison ivy plants or snakes so make sure to be extra careful in those areas.

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Peters canyon hiking trail

VIEWS // There are lots of great views to see as you are hiking. Some views have nothing but plants and trees and some is a bit more suburban with rows of houses. You get views of Orange and Tustin if you go on the more difficult trails with steeper inclines. 

Peters canyon hiking trail

POST HIKE // You can't part ways when your date is hungry, especially after a good hike right?! Refuel together with some coffee, delicious food, or a yummy acai bowl at one of restaurants located in Old Towne Orange! It's around 2 blocks of antique stores, small businesses, eateries, and a circular park right in the middle of it all.

➼ Le Boyfriend and my favorite place to go is this ice cream store called À La Minute! They have unique flavors like strawberry balsamic, olive oil vanilla bean, and classics like mint chocolate and espresso chip. It's a little pricey for ice cream so decide on a flavor together and share a medium. :)

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