Le Boyfriend and I love Pacific City and it's easily one of our favorite go-to places. Pacific City is an open plaza type mall located right at the heart of Huntington Beach. It's close to all the major hotels and  it's walking distance to the beach and pier. It's a great place to enjoy a nice meal and maybe have a drink or two before heading out to the beach or vice versa. We love that you're able to relax at the beach and have access to lots of great food options apart from the typical beach food like pizza without having to sacrifice the beach vibes.

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PARKING // The parking structure is located at the backside of the mall. If you are coming from PCH, turn into 1st Street. Once on 1st St., stay on on the outer right lane because it's a short drive before turning right on Pacific View Ave. You will see signs for valet parking, which is great if that's what you want to do. However, if you prefer to park your own car, continue driving and you will see the entrance to the parking structure to your right. Parking is $2 for every 20 minutes ($6/hour), but the first 2 hours of parking is free with validation.

➼ There is also metered parking, hourly parking, and flat rate beach parking, which may be more cost efficient depending on how long you decide to stay in the area. Check out this map of all the parking locations and rates along the beach before going!

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pacific city

SHOPPING // Pacific City has the typical mall stores such as H&M, Sephora, and Lush, as well as a few boutique stores. It also has a good selection of stores for shopping and exploring new brands, but it's probably not the place to buy an entire new wardrobe.

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RESTAURANTS // There are plenty of restaurants to choose from at Pacific City and they even have an amazing "food court" called Lot 579! Le boyfriend and I love that every sit-down restaurant has outdoor seating with a view of the beach. From all the restaurants, we decided to try Old Crow Smokehouse for our date night. It's a Texas/Midwestern BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy smoked meats, a ginormous TV screen, drinks, and friendly service all with a dash of county.

➼ Remember to request a table outside especially during the evening because food always tastes better with a side of sunset.

old crow smokehouse food

old crow smokehouse huntington beach pacific city

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