October 28, 2016

Le Boyfriend, friends, and I have been wanting to take a road trip somewhere fun and exciting, but not too far away from home. We were debating if we should go to our go-to place (Vegas) or somewhere different. After hours of debating to where our destination should be, we finally came to a consensus that we should go to Yosemite! None of us have never stayed at Half Dome Village inside the famous canvas tents so we thought it would be fun to experience it together. We went in October so it was cold, but the views, smell of nature, and great company made this trip truly unforgettable.

yosemite tent cabins half dome village

yosemite canvas tents inside

THE CANVAS TENT // The canvas tent is literally thick canvas covering wooden beams. Each bed was provided with a thick wool like blanket and pillow. However, if you plan on going in the colder months, take a warm sleeping bag! Other amenities included were towels, a plastic cup for each person, a safe, chair, and bear proof food lockers outside! Make sure "Half Dome Village" is selected in the first drop down menu when making reservations.

 We were not able to reserve a heated tent so we all brought extra blankets and sleeping bags to keep warm at night. The temperature inside the tent was still pretty cold, but we were able to stay warm inside our many layers of blankets.

RESTROOMS // The restrooms and the showers located in Half Dome Village were surprisingly very clean! However, the restrooms located throughout the park by the trails and stops were not. There were no sinks to wash your hands so remember to bring sanitary hand wipes!

Yosemite dining

FOOD // There are several places to dine inside Yosemite National Park. We stayed at Half Dome Village and ate all our meals at the dining areas there. However, you can drive, or take the bus to other dining locations throughout the park. Some dining locations are only open seasonally so make sure to double check if there is a specific place you would like to eat.

Yosemite river

yosemite bridalveil fall

THINGS TO DO // There are so many things to see, do, and even more ways to experience Yosemite. You can explore Yosemite by hiking, riding bikes, guided tours, and so much more! We were only there for 1 day so we decided to hike the shorter trails and visit all the must see views like Tunnel View and Glacier Point. We would definitely recommend staying for more than one day if possible!


// A shoutout to Le Boyfriend and friends for making this trip amazing♡ //

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