November 10, 2016

Le Boyfriend is a huge basketball and baseball fan and knows everything about everything. So naturally we have been to basketball and baseball game dates, but never to a hockey game.  We have driven past the Honda Center countless times, but never bothered visiting till now. We went to our first ever Anaheim Ducks game and had no idea what to expect! We had such a great time and we can confidently say we will be back for another game or two before the season is over.

TICKETS // We always purchase our tickets from Seat Geek and this hockey game was no different.  This is just our preferred site, but you can purchase tickets elsewhere such as StubHub and Ticketmaster

PARKING // General parking is $20 and Preferred parking is $25 (cash only for both). General parking is located behind the Honda Center and preferred parking is located in the front. We parked in the general lot out of convenience, but there are other parking options in the area.

FOOD // The Honda Center consists of three levels, each with a wide selection of concessions or restaurants. I say 'or' because only the Club Level (300s) have actual sit down restaurants which can only be accessed if you are sitting in this level for the game. However, the Plaza Level (200s) and Terrace Level (400s) are easily accessible via stairways located throughout the floor.

There were so many concession to choose from, but we decided on the BBQ waffle fries and a side of Hanger 24 wheat beer at The Classic's. Not cheap, but it was worth it! Best stadium food we have had so far. Yuuuuuum~ Side note: one great thing about getting beer at the Honda Center is that they put a lid over your drink so you won't spill it carrying it to your seat!

THE STADIUM // The concourse is very nice and lined with marble. You can see that everything has been cleaned and shined. Once you enter the stadium, you can feel a drop in temperature. It was definitely cold, but not the "I can see my breath" cold. However, you will get goosebumps and maybe shiver a bit if you don't wear an extra layer. The stadium was quite clean as well. There was liquid spilled on the aisle and someone brought a mop to clean it up in the middle of the game. That's a rare sight at any sporting venue! It was nice to see that the staff really makes an effort in maintaining the stadium.

THE EXPERIENCE // There was so much energy throughout the game from beginning to end. Literally almost the entire crowd stood up and cheered together and even booed together! There are rules and guidelines for the stadium which are presented to the guests before the game starts. Even though the crowd was loud at times with all the screaming, cheering, and music, the crowd maintained a level of etiquette. Maybe it was just the night we went, maybe not~ All in all, this was one of the best sporting crowd we have been a part of!

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