This place is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and you can see why the moment you see the all the gorgeous architecture. I first stumbled upon Old Towne Orange with my friends on accident one night. We were following directions to an ice cream shop to satisfy our sweet tooth not knowing exactly where we were going. I have brought Le Boyfriend here and this has been one of our go to places for date nights. However, this time we decided to go during for a lunch date and experience this historic area during the day!

old town orange old towne orange

GETTING HERE // There is no specific address to Old Towne Orange and the directions on Google Maps lead us to a residential home a couple blocks away. We used the center of Old Towne Orange (Chapman Avenue + Glassell Street), aka Plaza Square Park as a guide to the general area.

➼ There are two Chapman Avenues - one in Fullerton and one more south in Orange. Don't get confused by the two!

PARKING // Parking is free~ You can park in one of the public parking lots located parallel to Glassell Street and on the streets by the businesses or residential areas. Finding parking is easy during off hours, but more time and patience is usually needed during peak hours like dinner, weekends, and holidays.

watson's orange

date ideas in oc

watson's orange menu

LUNCH AT WATSON'S // There are lots of restaurants in Old Towne Orange and we picked Watson's Soda Fountain and Cafe for our lunch date. This was our first time here and had a fun dining experience. There was a short wait when we went so we took a look at the bakery and all the relics by the front. The restaurant has an old fashioned charm with a touch of contemporary design aesthetics. The vibe was casual which made it a great place to go to eat, talk, and enjoy each others company.

THE MENU // Before I get into the details of the menu let me just say: Tempura battered onion rings! Back to the menu, It has an extensive variety of classic american foods such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, and soups. I love how they serve breakfast all day and you can have it with a side of milkshake! Leave you diet at the door because this is a place you come to enjoy and indulge.

a la minute menu

POST LUNCH // Le Boyfriend and I did some eye shopping after lunch to make room in our stomaches for ice cream at À La Minute! It's my absolute favorite ice cream shop in Orange County. It's located right here and I couldn't leave without having some! All the flavors we have tried were delicious and we always have the hardest time trying to figure out which flavor to get. Our favorites are: espresso chip, salted caramel, and fresh mint chip!

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