The Richard Nixon Library & Museum has been under a $15 million dollar renovation and just reopened this October. I have been waiting for a chance to visit the newly renovated museum and was quite impressed!

I am aware he is not everyone's favorite president and many associate his presidency with the Watergate scandal. However, I think everyone should take a trip to the museum at least once. The entire museum takes you through his entire life journey from beginning to end where they ultimately let us decide what kind of president / person he really was. The museum does a great job of providing all the context and information regarding all the things he did - all the good and bad. 

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EXHIBITS // There is lots to see, read, and experience at the museum! Exploring the entire museum can take as little as 2 hours to maybe even 4. You can decide check out the birthplace, helicopter, and gravesite outside first, or the museum inside.  The museum starts by entrance next to the orientation theater which flows through exhibit to exhibit from beginning to end.

richard nixon library yorba linda

richard nixon library yorba linda

TIPS // These are tips and things that helped us with our first visit to the The Richard Nixon Museum & Library.

  • Make sure you have a full stomach before visiting. - They have a small stand inside that sells drinks and snack foods, but not an actual cafe or restaurant.
  • Start with the orientation theater which is located right through the entrance. - Definitely start your visit here located right through the entrance. It summarizes Nixon's political career and gives you a nice overview to the rest of the museum. 
  • Some exhibits are weather permitted. - Tours inside the birthplace of Richard Nixon and the helicopter may be closed under extreme weather contains (such as rain, strong winds, and heat). You can always call the museum to double check before going as well.
  • Don't forget the East Room! - The East Room at the Richard Nixon Library is an exact replica of the one inside the White House. Hopefully there's no private event happening on the day of your visit so you can go in and take a look.

richard nixon library helicopter

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