January 26, 2017

One of Le Boyfriend's favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer. The cheesy boyfriend that he is used it as inspiration to planning our first official date of 2017. He compiled a list of movie locations we were going to visit on our "movie" date~

We went in the mid afternoon to see the beauty and grandeur of all the buildings in the best light possible. We spent the day walking, eating, and admiring all the amazing architecture around us. We started our date at the Bradbury Building, stopping by all the movie locations in between to Broadway Bar. Another great place to start or maybe end the date is at the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain in Grand Park LA (where Tom does his musical scene). 

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PARKING // There are many public parking lots and structures throughout the downtown area. I recommend parking in one of the open lots that have a flat rate because parking in structures tend to charge in increments. We parked in an open parking lot a block away from the Bradbury Building for a flat rate of $8. Rates can vary based on location, day of the week, or time. 

➼ Watch out for pedestrians and one way streets when driving around!

date ideas in los angeles

date ideas

SPOTS TO VISIT // The Bradbury Building is definitely a must! As soon as you walk in, you'll remember exactly which part of the movie took place here. The ornate wrought iron details, the vast skylight, brick walls, are beautiful. We spent a good amount of time inside admiring all the details and taking pictures.

Other places that was on our list were : Barclay HotelThe Million Dollar Theater, The Braly Block now called the The Continental Building (LA's first skyscraper), and Broadway Bar. There are many other amazing buildings to see as you walk from location to location. Many of them have been in their fair share of movies so see if you and your date can guess which ones they were featured in!

➼ A fun place to stop by is The Last Bookstore. It wasn't a filming location for the movie, but it's a place you must stop by if you have never been!

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PLACES TO EAT // There are lots of choices when it comes to food in this area. You can eat at one of the many eateries inside Grand Central Market. There are several hipster coffee shops like Blue Bottle Coffee, Verve, or ilcaffe inside the historic Eastern Columbia Building! You can enjoy french cuisine with an amazing view of the city at Perch (make reservations) or head over to Redwood Bar & Grill! It's the place where Tom and Summer karaoke!

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