We all know how easily one date can really add up by the end of the night, especially in Orange County. This gave me the idea to start a new series on my blog called the $50 Date Challenge! Le Boyfriend and I will budget $50 dollars for our entire date which include things like parking, food, and admissions fee.

We decided our first challenge should be at a well known spot in the OC x LA area that we all eventually go to (again) sooner or later. We were thinking and thought what better place than an expensive place like Disneyland and California Adventure? However, when you factor in parking and ticket prices, the total costs exceeds waaaaay beyond $50. This got the both of us thinking to see if there was way to still incorporate a $50 dollar challenge at Disneyland. We realized we can’t do anything about parking and ticket prices, but we can control every part of our spending once inside the park.

After much thought, we decided our first challenge was to spend a maximum of $50 on food inside Disneyland for the entire day! See what we indulged in and if we stayed within budget! Side note: the drinks shown in pictures are complimentary ice waters.

BREAKFAST // To start off, we decided to eat a hearty breakfast at home. We also made sure to pack some water bottles and snacks into our backpack before heading out. -$0 
Disneyland food refreshment corner - lunches and dates

Disneyland food refreshment corner - lunches and dates

LUNCH // Our strategy to staying within budget was to save on one meal and splurge on another. We decided to save on lunch and spend more on dinner and headed to Refreshment Corner located on Main Street inside Disneyland. We ordered a jalapeño filled cheese pretzel (my fave!), firefly nachos, and a mac n cheese hot dog! Don't forget about your snacks from home comes if you are still not completely satisfied. -$18.70

Smokejumper Grill  food refreshment corner - lunches and dates

DINNER // We trekked over to California Adventure for the latter half of our day and had dinner at Smokejumper’s Grill. We ordered: an All-American Cheeseburger and a Bacon Cheddar Burger. The great thing about this restaurant is they have separate condiments/veggie bar where you can top your burgers off with a variety of choices. -$25.81

SNACK // We had a little extra money left over at the end of the day so we shared a soft serve from  Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co-$4.08

At the end of our night, we spent a total of $48.59, succeeding in our first challenge! It was tricker than we had initially expected because we had to keep tally up costs before ordering and we were tempted to eat everything we saw and smelled once we were there. Whatever your budget may be, there are lots of ways to go about it with all the choices at Disneyland. Check out all the restaurants before going so you can pick exactly what you want to eat once you are there.

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