July 31, 2017

The summer heat in Los Angeles and OC is pretty much inescapable. Thankfully, we have lots of breezy and beautiful beaches to help us stay cool during the hottest season. I love how each beach has their own unique vibe and nooks to explore. You can never really get bored of going to them. My current favorite beaches this summer are: Manhattan, Huntington, and Laguna.

Le Boyfriend and I had our picnic at Huntington Beach because we wanted to stay cool by the waters during the day and enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants at The Strand or Pacific City. We stopped by Blaze to grab a pizza real quick on our way because pizza always taste better when you are outside. ;) 

summer date ideas - beach picnic

PARKING // Parking at the beach parking lot was a flat $15. When it came time for dinner, we took a stroll across the street rather than spending time and money looking for a new parking spot. Here is more information regarding parking in Huntington Beach. I don’t know how up-to-date the information is so you may want to call and double check.

I think going to the beach for a picnic when it’s hot is one of the best things to do. The temperatures are much cooler, the sound of the crashing waves is relaxing, and digging your feet in the sand is oddly satisfying. I have complied a couple of tips and ideas below to having an effortless beach picnic!

TIPS // Quick things to consider before going.
Take some cash and coins. Some beach parking lots only take cash and some have the option to park by meters. 
Take snacks and drinks. Stop by the grocery store (our favorite is Trader Joe’s) on your way over. Grab some snacks and drinks. 
Bring food in a container like an ice box or a large sturdy backpack. I have seen seagulls swooping in on peoples food when they headed over to the water. 
Do a quick research of the places you would want to eat at before heading out. Getting internet connection can be spotty so save time and maybe some headache by compiling list of places to eat before.
Don’t forget sun protectants! Bring sunscreen and sunglasses (and maybe an umbrella)! 
Maybe bring an extra pair of clothes for the evening. Many beach areas go from a relaxing casual vibe during the day to a more dressy/nice night out scene when the sun goes down. I would recommend bringing an evening outfit if you plan on dining at one of the fancier restaurants.

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