Surf City USA- The Ultimate Huntington Beach Guide

April 26, 2021

The beaches in Southern California are second to none in the United States. We have lots of breezy and beautiful beaches to help us stay cool during the hottest season. Each beach has their own unique vibe and nooks to explore, but few provide the amount of activities that Huntington Beach has for it's visitors. Below is quick rundown of our favorite activities when visiting Huntington Beach.

Shopping & Dining
The picture below is from our recent trip to Huntington Beach.  There is a fun outdoor mall located across the beach called Pacific City. This mall located next to the Pasea Hotel and provides many restaurant and shopping options.  Bluegold, Backhouse Sushi & Robata and Bar, and LSXO are the best option for romantic dining.  Old Crow Smokehouse is great BBQ Restuarant with a laid back feel.  The Bungalow is great option for a night out with the friends to go drinking and get that nightclub experience.  Stop by Duke's Restaurant and get the Hula's hidden treasure and a must try when visiting Huntington Beach.  The Strand is a strip of shops and restaurants thats located across the beach as well. We stopped by Blaze to grab a pizza real quick on our way because pizza always taste better when you are outside. ;)

Stroll down PCH on your Own Bike!
The ocean breeze and the crashing waves while riding your bike alongside the PCH is a one of a kind experience that it's visitors will remember long after.

Soak in that Sun
Lastly, soak in those beautiful rays while laying on the beach!  Huntington Beach is by far the largest beach in Southern California and there's more than enough room for everyone to lay their beach supplies down and have a great time.  IF you're lucky and get to the beach earlier enough, you may be able to snag a fire pit that you and your friends can use to later at night to make smores on and stay warm by!

summer date ideas - beach picnic

PARKING // Parking at the beach parking lot was a flat rate of $15, but it's incredibly difficult to find parking during peak beach season & hours.  

Pacific City has a self-park garage, but has a $40 max daily rate.  Monday-Thursday, first three hours are complimentary with validation.  Friday-Sunday, first two hours are complimentary with validation.

TIPS // Quick things to consider before going.
Take some cash and coins. Some beach parking lots only take cash and the parking along the street is controlled by a Parking Meter that only takes coins/credit card.
Save some money. Take snacks and drinks with you to the beach. Stop by the local grocery store (our favorite is Trader Joe’s) on your way over.
Bring food in a container like an ice box or a large sturdy backpack. I have seen seagulls swooping in on peoples food when they headed over to the water. 
Do a quick research of the places you would want to eat at before heading out. Getting internet connection can be spotty so save time and maybe some headache by compiling list of places to eat before.
Don’t forget sun protectants! Bring sunscreen and sunglasses (and maybe an umbrella)! 
Maybe bring an extra pair of clothes for the evening. Many beach areas go from a relaxing casual vibe during the day to a more dressy/nice night out scene when the sun goes down. I would recommend bringing an evening outfit if you plan on dining at one of the fancier restaurants.

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