August 24, 2017

Hot weather and froyo go hand in hand especially down here in SoCal. From all the ice cream and frozen yogurt eateries popping up everywhere, a classic that you can always count on to keep you cool and refreshed is Pinkberry! There are several locations, but my favorite one is located inside the Artic in Anaheim. Le Boyfriend and I always try to make a quick stop whenever we drive past it on the 57 freeway.

Artic Anaheim, CA

PARKING // Parking is free! There is a turnstile you have to drive through, but there is no charge for parking.

PINKBERRY // They are located downstairs to the left when you enter the Artic. Enjoy your froyo at one of the many tables or go up the escalators to the very top! Pick a spot to enjoy your cold treat while enjoying the view of the colorful changing lights above. Don't forget to take out your phone for some pictures~ I would recommend going after sunset to get the best view of all the lights.

Side note: Did you know there is only one self serve Pinkberry and it's located in Burbank?! It's also very close to the largest IKEA in the US so make sure to stop by both!

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