Down the Donut Hole We Go.........

April 25, 2021

Donut hole Amar Rd La Puente
The Donut Hole is one of those places that gets lost in the shuffle as there are now so many different donut shop options in Southern California.  This place is a great blend of the wacky-flavored donut shops that we see sprouting up all over the place and those classic donut shops we're all used to.  It’s a fun little drive-thru donut shop with plenty of classics, mixed with some fun interesting twists to make their donuts one of a kind. They have everything from your typical glaze donut, to a Hot-Cheeto covered donut.  They have donuts topped with lucky charms, and even donuts as big as my face! Their donuts were the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside.

Donut hole Amar Rd La Puente

LOCATION // The Donut Hole is located in La Puente, right on the intersection of Amar Rd. and Elliot Ave. Please be aware that it’s located on a busy street during rush hour. This place has a fun drive-thru for visitors.  The front and back of the of drive-thru are two donuts connected by a tunnel.  Getting to drive through the donut drive-thru tunnel is a fun little experience for their visitors, and instagram worthy. There is also a walk-up window if you prefer to order this way as well.

PARKING // There is essentially only two parking spots to the right side of the donut shop.  It may be best to park at a nearby plaza and eat your donut there.

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