September 12, 2017

Donut hole Amar Rd La Puente
I cannot believe I have never heard of The Donut Hole seeing how I am always seeking out spots to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s a fun little drive thru donut shop with plenty of classics mixed with some interesting combinations. They have Hot Cheetos covered donuts, donuts topped with lucky charms, and even donuts as big as my face! I did not have the guts to try them, but I did try some of their other donuts and they were sweet and delicious.

Donut hole Amar Rd La Puente

LOCATION // The Donut Hole is located in La Puente, right on the intersection of Amar Rd. and Elliot Ave. If you are unfamiliar with the area, just note that it’s located on a busy street during rush hour. The drive thru are two donuts one on each end connected by a tunnel which you drive through. Getting to drive through the donut tunnel is a part of fun when you get your donuts here. There is also a side window if you prefer to order this way.

PARKING // There is essentially no actual parking spot to park your car, but there is a nook that can comfortably fit two cars to the right side of the donut shop. 

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