5 Helpful Tips to a Successful First Date!

April 25, 2021


First Date Tips

Let's face it, going on dates can be scary and stressful.  A lot thoughts and emotions run through a person's head before, during, and after a date.  "Do I look good?"........"Am I coming on too strong?"........."Did I pick the right restaurant?"......."Is she/he having fun?"

These thoughts are very normal and are a part of the dating process.  Here are 10 helpful tips to remember when going on date.

1.  Small Gestures add up and go a long way

You know the quickest and easiest way to make someone feel special on a date?  Open the car door for them!  Upon picking up your special someone for your date, bring a small bouquet of flowers!  A little chivalry is a profound way to make a statement to your special someone and is more powerful than taking her/him to an expensive restaurant.  It says "I'm going to treat you like the princess/prince that you are".

2.  Keep the date light-hearted and clean

"What is your view on Politics?"......"What do you think of our current President?"........"Where's the craziest place you had sex?"

*Crickets*.......*pen dropping*...... That ladies and gentlemen is the sound of awkward silence.  It can arise when certain topics such as politics and sex are brought up into the conversation.  Politics and sex are such passion driven topics that the conversation can get easily out of hand if not moderated correctly.  Someone most likely will offend the other with their views or an inappropriate sex comment.  Whether you're on the same side of the political party line or ya'll both freaky, it's best to keep these topics out of the rotation for the first few dates.

3.  Body language is everything!

Although I said to keep it lighthearted and clean, it's important to send those signals to your special someone throughout the date.  A subtle smile and locking of the eyes to your special someone is all you need to set the mood to your favor.  You don't want to end up in the friend zone right?!  Then let it be known throughout the date that you are attracted to this person and that you can't take your eyes off of them!  Constant checking of the phone, slouching at the dinner table, minimal eye contact are strong indicators to the other person that the date is not going well.  Maintaining that body language throughout the day/night is important

4.  Don't come on too strong!

Plain and simple, it's best practice to leave discussions about having kids or marriage until much later in the relationship.  That is the epitome of coming on too strong and is best reserved for couples who are a few months into dating.  It is way too early to start talking about such things, no matter what anyone says.  How can either of you possibly know how the relationship is going to turn out after only being with each other for a few hours?

5.  Do your research and plan out your date!

Planning your first date is going to be stressful regardless.  To ensure that your actual date is stress free, do as much planning as possible before the date to make the day/night go smoothly.  Even if you're just going on a coffee date, plan out your day/night so that you have options of places you researched to go afterwards if the date is going very well.

Also, it's good to plan out just in case the coffee shop you're going to is too busy or the restaurant you made reservations to forgot to put your reservation in the system.

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